in a box
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Easy to install

Hassle-free wireless installation

Unpack the box

Open the box and unpack the camera. The box should contain the camera, a connector block and your activation code.

Place the camera

Find the spot you want to monitor and secure the camera there placed on the connector block. You only need to connect it to the power net.

Activate personal dashboard

Use the supplied code on the secure dashboard website to activate your personal dashboard.


Encrypted transit and storage. Access protected with 2 factor authentication.


Secure wireless connection

Chart overview

How it all fits together

SSL / 2-factor authentication

Secure dashboard access


Motion activated and tamper proof.

  • Motion activation

    Only record when needed

    Filming 24/7 would create huge video archives. Instead, the camera only starts filming when something actually is happening, saving on bandwidth, storage and saved videos are easier to check.

  • Tamper proof

    Secure the security

    If a burglar thinks he can just disable the camera to rob your store, he is sorely mistaken. The camera will notify you when it is being tampered with.


Your own video camera dashboard.